I am a badminton maniac. I occasionally compete in recreational tournaments in Netherlands (but can be considered serious if I take higher level). As I joined more and more tournaments, it is hard for me to remember them. Well, it can be in form of a private album, but I would also like to share what I actually do when I say I play badminton. 🙂

13 October 2017

NSK 2017

19 August 2017

I played in MBI Cup 2017 organized by Masyarakat Badminton Indonesia in Den Haag in two categories:

  • Heren Dubbel C with Gilles Yeung
  • Gemengd Dubbel C with Dea Putri Utami.

In HD-C, we won the first place the group qualification, but lost in Halve-Finale 19-21 and 21-23 to a pair from Al-Ikhlas Amsterdam (AIA), Muharom / Aris Rinyanto. It was a fun game tho; and I am still speculating about some shots that are called out.

In GD-C, we won one match 21-17 21-18 to Michael Molier / Megan Molier but lost 13-21 19-21 to Dedy Laloan / Patcharee van der Kooij. It was 1-1-1 tie, but Laloan / Kooij went to Halve-Finale due to the number of games won. We finished as runner up.

Overall, it was a nice tournament. From my club, we won one category by Hendra Sinaga in HD-B together with Helmi Mahara. I am looking forward to play again in this tournament next year! 🙂

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1 July 2017

I represented PPI Belanda in ASEAN Sports-Day 2017 for badminton. It is the first the time this competition is held. It was initiated by Vietnam Student in Netherlands (VSNL).

I played with Indonesia student from Wageningen, Mba Nani Maryani, and two others from Enschede, Mas Sunu Widianto and Pak Dwi Mandaris. I just knew them from the competition.

In the competition, I played Mixed Double with Mba Nani and the other two played Men Double. It was a round-robin tournament where we played against every other team. It is also a timed tournament and the winner is decided only based on the total score.

In the end, our team won the first place. The second place is Thailand team.

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5-7 May 2017

I played in International Student Badminton Tournament (ISBT) Amsterdam 2017. Now this is an interesting competition because not only the participants play badminton games, but we also went on some arcade clubs and party. ISBT is something that was popular in Europe several decades ago but now its popularity starts to diminish. This time, my club, US Badminton held ISBT Amsterdam 2017 after last year being canceled.

I really like the tournament system. You get random partner if you play double and it uses Swiss ladder system.It is not very crowded tho but there are students coming from Norway, Germany, and most of them from UK.

I play in Men Single B and Men Double B. In Men Double B, I play with Alexander Walker from UK. We finished 1st place in category B. In Men Single, I finished 2nd place after him; we never meet each other tho because I lost everything in the beginning and then slowly getting my will to win back after Hendra and my friend from ILLC, Tao came. 😀

The prize was board games which I am truly happy with. Ik heb Ganzenbord en Dart!

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9 April 2017 – BVA Clubkampionschap

I played 3 categories in this tournament. I don’t know why but it was against the rules but Hennie, the organizer, allowed me to do this! Thanks, Hennie! 😀 So it was a very tiring day.

In Men Single, I lost to everybody in the pool. I did not have preparation to meet them all. I was in “hell pool” which consisted of Bram, Viktor, and Arul. What could I do? 😀

In Men Double, I played with nice partner Jurian Moller. We won one match in our pool, lost miserably to Hennie/Joeri, but lost in tight match against Ming/Faishol. Arrrgh, it was so fun, and we were almost going into SF. 🙂

In Mixed Double, I played with Debora van Wely. It was also an interesting game because we lost against Robert/Diane but we met them again in Final and we won! Yay for secret strategy! 😉


12 March 2017 – Hatta Cup

I took part in Hatta Cup organized by PPI Rotterdam. I played in Men Single and Men Double (with Wimzy Rizqy Prabhantara).

In the Men Double, we had fun but lost to Rotterdam pair who I did not ask their name. 😦

In the Men Single, they used system where if you’re lost, you have to go to the losers’ pool and then the final will be among the winner between winner and loser pool. So the winner may meet the same opponent he beats in the semifinal. Exciting system. Well, I lost the first time in SF against Eka Ary Nugroho from PPNI (Persatuan Perawat Nasional Indonesia) Belanda. He is a much better player than me, but I was not happy because we played in a hall with very low ceiling. Both of us hit the ceiling quite often when we did the clear shot. But, I won tight in the losers’ pool and was supposed to meet Ary again in the final but I won with walkover. 😦 I want a revenge! Hahaha.

After the game (late 21.00), we went to Akong and bought Nasi Goreng Ayam in big portion! Thank you, guys, for the (very short) time together! 😉

hatta cup


30 October 2016

My first badminton tournament ever is PPI Wageningen’s Ambassador’s Cup 2016.

I did not know how to anticipate shits in tournaments and I did not eat nor drink much that day. I played Men Single and Men’s Double (with Wimzy Rizqy Prabhantara). We won our first game to Enschede pair and lost our quarter final game to Enschede pair also.

In Men Single, I played against Syukur who traveled all the way from Sweden (he was in internship at that time) to Wageningen to play this tournament. I got cramp on the 3rd set and lost 18-21 after saving 5 game points. It was a good experience tho; I enjoy the game.

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